Coming to Terms With the “W” Word: Witch

Some practicing Witchcraft have a hard time coming to terms with the “W” Word: Witch. Society often views Witches in a negative way. So it is only natural for people to not want to be called something—or be afraid to be called something—often seen as negative, evil, or bad.

For me, it wasn’t a bad transition. Although I wouldn’t say it to others, I would admit it to myself. Actually, I was proud to be a Witch! In actuality, I did want to go by “Witch” because it was something I have always found cool since I was little. Of course, now the notion has changed, but I still find it—dare I say—cool.

The other day I was talking to a Pagan Wiccan friend of mine whom I haven’t talked to in ages. To him, I called myself a Witch. It was a step for me, but it wasn’t all that difficult. In my conversations with other friends, normally we beat around the bush and don’t bring up the “W” word.

Still, sometimes, it is strange when I even say it to myself! But, to me, the word is very powerful and it shows all of the power and abilities a Witch possesses. It is a good word to me. It’s beautiful and, yes, mystical. I enjoy it quite a bit!

For you Witches out there, have you come to terms with the “W” word?

– Lady Cerridwen Brighid Morrigan

I highly recommend the following book to anyone interested in Witchcraft, Meditation, or Psychic Abilities. It is the best book I have ever read when it comes down to teaching the Craft from the beginning. It doesn’t talk about Spells but rather how to make them work, why they work, how to develop Psychic Abilities, how to Meditate, etc. This is all the foundation for Witchcraft! I remember feeling lost because I felt like all the other books just jumped into Spells but I didn’t even know how to do the Spells! This takes all the guess work out. His following books in the series go more in-depth.

The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation and Psychic Development (Penczak Temple Series)


2 responses to “Coming to Terms With the “W” Word: Witch

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  2. It can be very difficult for some to come to terms with the “W” word. Along with a friend, I run a women’s group that has gone through a number of incarnations over the past 10 years. Before it transitioned into our care, the leaders were very careful to refer to “metaphysical” teachings. They were trying to bring in people from all different paths and offend no one. The problem is, when you’re so worried about offending someone, you never actually accomplish anything.

    After we took over the group, we asked the members what they wanted to learn about and what we found was a real hunger for information about the basics of the Craft. Since then, our group has become a purely Pagan organization. We actively teach and the people who attend our meetings are really learning something. Participation is up and we are beginning to attract new members.

    We are witches and we never shy away from that fact. We embrace it whole heartedly. There are some in our group who are not yet out of the broom closet among their “outside” friends, families, co-workers, etc. But being able to have one place where they can fully embrace their identity as witches…or just admit that it’s a subject they want to know more about…is something they all appreciate and look forward to.

    If you are a witch, even if you never say it to the world at large, say it to yourself. Say it to your gods and goddesses. Say it to your heart. And feel the pride, strength and joy that belong to everyone who walks the path of the wise.

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