Witchcraft: How Did I Get Here?

Every Witch has his or her own story about their journey down the Path to Witchcraft. From some it was a Spiritual choice, others, a Religion. To others it was in their blood and they grew up around it while others were looking for that sense of freedom and power.

For me, I have never had that feeling of being alone or that feeling of belonging. Growing up in a strong Catholic family and going to a Catholic school, I still didn’t feeling complete. I wasn’t whole. Something was missing.

In my teens I got interested in Witchcraft. It had also fascinated me but I was taught that it was bad and evil. But when you’re a teen, curiousity and self-exploration gets the best of you. I explored myself; my beliefs, my feelings, my wants, my needs, etc. It was when I realized perhaps Witchcraft was the path for me. I dabbled here and there but it seemed too difficult for me.

At the age of 16 I got my first Tarot Deck. From this point on, my interest grew. But, still, a majority of the information I found concerned Wicca which I didn’t quite believe whole-heartedly. Then I realized Wicca was a part of a larger group called Paganism. There were things I felt I believed and things I felt I couldn’t. A majority of my beliefs still remained with Catholicism or, more basically, Christianity.

I think it was around the age of 19 I really studied Witchcraft. I went in and out of it before then, but nothing semed to feel right; nothing clicked to help me understand it. But, finally, things made sense. I’ve been studying since.

It is important to do this exercise of telling me own little story of how I came down this Path. I advise you to do it, too! Now I feel like every step I take completes me just a little bit more. I feel, with my Christo-Pagan Path, that I belong more than I ever did.

By studying the Craft I hoped (and still hope) to gain even more of that sense of belonging. I hope to have more control over my life and to be more connected with the Divine. I hope to feel enlightened and special to the Universe. I hope to meet like-minded individuals to chat with and share things with.

But I do fear that by studying the Craft that I will lose family (when they find out) and friends (some of whom know). I worry about how it will affect me when I get in a relationship or how it will affect my children one day. It worries me deeply; I don’t want to lose those I love or be discriminated against simply for my Beliefs.

How did you get here? What do you feel you will gain by studying the Craft? What do you fear you may lose if you continue on this Path?

– Lady Cerridwen Brighid Morrigan

Silver RavenWolf gets mixed reviews but you can check out her book to see for yourself. Although you may not like everything about the bok nor agree with it, there are some gems within these pages! I wouldn’t recommend this to a total beginner, but someone with some knowledge of the Craft and/or their Path can find this useful as they can pick what information they want to keep and what to throw away. I recommend reading it at some point just to see what you can get from it for yourself! Buy it used for less than a dollar on Amazon (click below); it’s well-worth the money.

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